Gluten free Pumpkin Spice Madeleines 4 packs of 3

Gluten free Madeleines 4 packs of 3. These madeleines has all the right amount spices and Pumpkin to bring you to the Fall season everytime! If you like the taste of pumpkin Pie and love Madeleines you will love these!!!4 packages. No artificial ingredients. Made with real pumpkin. No preservatives. Each package contains 3 madeleines.

Total is 12 Madeleines.

Gluten free Lemon Zested Madeleines 4 Packs Of 3

These shell shaped bite sized cakes are made with the finest ingredients, respecting its ancestors of Northeastern France. Each package contains 3 Madeleines. Made with fresh lemon zest and honey. Made with no artificial ingredients. These madeleines are delicate moist pastries. Total madeleines are 12. 4 packages.

These madeleines made fresh to order and are made with the finest ingredients. You would never know they are Gluten free!! Gluten free. Every bite you will Taste the light citrus flavors. Lemon. And a gentle hint of honey. No preservatives or additives.

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