The Buried Book

From the farm, peep shows, he embarks on a treacherous search that will take him to the squalid hideaways of Detroit and back again, through tawdry taverns, and gambling houses. As he’s drawn deeper into an adult world of corruption, scandal, and murder, Jasper uncovers the shocking past still chasing his mother—and now it’s chasing him too.

No one knows where his mother went or whether she’s coming back. He’s lucky to even have a home and must keep his mouth shut and his ears open to stay in his uncle’s good graces. When althea leary abandons her nine-year-old son, Jasper, he’s left on his uncle’s farm with nothing but a change of clothes and a Bible.

It’s 1952, and jasper isn’t allowed to ask questions or make a fuss. Desperate to see her again, he must take matters into his own hands.

The Unclaimed Victim

As she wanders the twisting corridors, it becomes clear she may never leave the mission alive. Ethel, a street-hardened woman who’s lost everything, takes refuge inside a city mission only to find that its righteous facade conceals the darkest of secrets. His daughter, kris, finds herself pulled into Cleveland’s haunting past as things he never told her begin to surface.

What if the last victim of cleveland’s infamous Torso Killer got away?In 1938, a serial killer terrorizes Cleveland, Ohio, leaving a trail of bodies along the rails and riverbeds. The more she learns of her father’s obsession with the Torso Killer, the further she stumbles into a madman’s sights.

Separated by decades but trapped in the same killer’s web, Ethel and Kris must unravel the truth behind the city’s most notorious unsolved murders. Stolen books about the unsolved Torso Murders, missing archives, serial killer chat rooms, and an abandoned city mission are all somehow connected to his disappearance.

Sixty years later, the police discover the body of Alfred Wiley, dismembered in a disturbingly familiar way. Or die trying.

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The Dead Key

In the years since, cleveland’s wealthy businessmen kept the truth buried in the abandoned high-rise. With each haunting revelation, iris follows the looming shadow of the past deeper into the vault—and soon realizes that the key to the mystery comes at an astonishing price. What begins as a welcome break from her cubicle becomes an obsession as Iris unravels the bank’s sordid past.

In the confusion that followed, the keys to the vault’s safe-deposit boxes were lost. 2014 winner — amazon breakthrough novel award — grand prize and mystery & Thriller Fiction WinnerIt’s 1998, and for years the old First Bank of Cleveland has sat abandoned, perfectly preserved, its secrets only speculated on by the outside world.

The ransacked offices and forgotten safe-deposit boxes remain locked in time, until young engineer Iris Latch stumbles upon them during a renovation survey. Twenty years before, amid strange staff disappearances and allegations of fraud, locking out customers and employees, panicked investors sold Cleveland’s largest bank in the middle of the night, and thwarting a looming federal investigation.


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The Forgotten Ones: A Novel

But weekly visits to her mother still fill Elle with a paralyzing fear she can’t explain. She’s managed to piece together a solid life from a childhood of broken memories and fairy tales her mom told her to explain away bad dreams. It’s just another of so many unanswered questions she grew up with in a family estranged by silence and secrets.

Elle’s world turns upside down when she receives a deathbed request from her grandfather, a man she was told had died years ago. Racked by grief, and a haunted conscience, he has a tale of his own to tell Elle: about her mother, an imaginary friend, regrets, and two strangers who came to the house one night and never left.

As elle’s past unfolds, so does the truth—if she can believe it. She must face the reasons for her inexplicable dread. As dark as they are, elle must listen…before her grandfather’s death buries the family’s secrets forever. A spellbinding novel about an unspeakable secret that could destroy a family, from the New York Times bestselling author of Finding Emma.

Elle is a survivor.

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The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell: A Novel

Running from the pain, eyes closed, served little purpose. Now, as he looks back on his life, Sam embarks on a journey that will take him halfway around the world. Born with red pupils, he was called “devil boy” or Sam “Hell” by his classmates; “God’s will” is what his mother called his ocular albinism.

Wall street journal and new york times bestselling author robert Dugoni’s coming-of-age story is, if it doesn’t cross entirely over into John Irving territory, according to Booklist, “a novel that, certainly nestles in close to the border. Sam hill always saw the world through different eyes. Her words were of little comfort, buoyed by his mother’s devout faith, his father’s practical wisdom, but Sam persevered, and his two other misfit friends.

Sam believed it was god who sent Ernie Cantwell, the only African American kid in his class, to be the friend he so desperately needed. This time, defined him, his eyes are wide open—bringing into clear view what changed him, and made him so afraid, until he can finally see what truly matters. Winner of suspense Magazine’s Crimson Scribe Award.

And that it was god’s idea for mickie kennedy to storm into Our Lady of Mercy like a tornado, uprooting every rule Sam had been taught about boys and girls. Forty years later, his hometown, is no longer certain anything was by design—especially not the tragedy that caused him to turn his back on his friends, Sam, a small-town eye doctor, and the life he’d always known.


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The Sugar Men

As susannah’s time on earth draws to a close, her innermost thoughts of those long-gone days become questions—ones that demand answers. Against the wishes of her children, Susannah returns to Germany and the scene of unspeakable crimes. There she will come face to face with the Holocaust’s terrible, wretched legacy, and will finally make peace with the ghosts of her past.

Revised edition: This edition of The Sugar Men includes editorial revisions. Sixty-four years ago, Susannah Morgan managed to flee the horrors of the Holocaust. Because for all the pain and the cruelty of those terrible years, she harbours sweet memories too, of unexpected friends who risked their own lives in order to save hers.

But the memories of that childhood ordeal have proven impossible to sweep away. For most of her new life spent settled in sleepy North Carolina, the flashbacks have been a lonely obsession—one she has hidden from her family, and about which her heart is torn.

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a gripping historical fiction Cat Carlisle, Book 1 - The Silent Woman: The USA TODAY BESTSELLER

She sees no way out… that is until a trusted friend asks her to switch her husband’s papers in a desperate bid to confuse the Germans. Soon catherine finds herself caught up in a deadly mixture of espionage and murder. Would you sell your secrets?Catherine Carlisle is trapped in a loveless marriage and the threat of World War Two is looming.

Someone is selling secrets to the other side, and the evidence seems to point right at her. Can she clear her name before it’s too late? .

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Trespassing: A Novel

Every move she makes is now suspect. In this amazon charts bestselling novel of psychological suspense, a young mother follows a dangerous path to find her missing husband. Veronica cavanaugh’s grasp on the world is slipping. To find it, she’s led to a house in the Florida Keys. Her latest round of fertility treatments not only failed but left her on edge and unbalanced.

Worse still, veronica is positive that someone wants her and her daughter dead, too—unless it’s all in her mind…Somewhere beneath her paranoia is the answer to her husband’s vanishing. And her three-year-old daughter, Elizabella, has a new imaginary friend, who seems much more devilish than playful.

But once there, she isn’t sure she wants to know the truth. So when veronica’s husband fails to return home from a business trip, what’s left of her stability begins to crumble. Given her family’s history of mental illness, and Elizabella’s insistence that her daddy is dead, Veronica starts questioning herself.


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The Key: The most gripping, heartbreaking book of the year

A hidden note. Oh wow! this story broke my heart then filled it with joy then broke it all over again! I adored The Letter and The Secret but this I have to say was my favourite. No one grips your heart like Kathryn Hughes. I feel like i'm a better person for reading it' 'i cried with this book - it tugged at the heart all the way through' 'This must be one of the best books I have ever read''You will be thinking of this book long after you've finished it'.

When she meets a young woman admitted by her father, little does Ellen know that a choice she will make is to change both their lives for ever. 2006sarah is drawn to the now abandoned Ambergate. Heartfelt and poignant an absolute joy' A reader on The KeyIt's time to discover what a million readers already know.

Wonderfully romantic with beautiful characters''I have finished this book with tears in my eyes but a smile on my face''I couldn't put it down. A second chance. A wonderful, comes the key, enthralling story; one that i didn't want to end' lesley Pearse on The Key 'A heartbreakingly powerful read' The Sun on The KeyFrom the #1 bestselling author of The Letter, Kathryn Hughes, an unforgettable story of a heartbreaking secret that will stay with you for ever.

1956 it's ellen crosby's first day as a student nurse at Ambergate Hospital.

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Stillhouse Lake

Though still the target of stalkers and Internet trolls who think she had something to do with her husband’s crimes, Gwen dares to think her kids can finally grow up in peace. But just when she’s starting to feel at ease in her new identity, a body turns up in the lake—and threatening letters start arriving from an all-too-familiar address.

But when a car accident reveals her husband’s secret life as a serial killer, she must remake herself as Gwen Proctor—the ultimate warrior mom. With her ex now in prison, Gwen has finally found refuge in a new home on remote Stillhouse Lake. Gwen proctor must keep friends close and enemies at bay to avoid being exposed—or watch her kids fall victim to a killer who takes pleasure in tormenting her.

One thing is certain: she’s learned how to fight evil. An amazon charts and USA Today bestseller. Gina royal is the definition of average—a shy Midwestern housewife with a happy marriage and two adorable children. And she’ll never stop.

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When You Disappeared

But simon never makes it to the office. The memories she holds onto are lies. While catherine faces a dark new reality at home, Simon’s halfway around the world, alive and thriving. Nothing is missing—except him. Catherine knows Simon must be in trouble. His running shoes are by the front door. He’s doing whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of the truth.

But he can’t hide forever, and when he reappears twenty-five years later, Catherine will finally learn who he is. And wish she’d stayed in the dark. Revised edition: previously published as The Wronged Sons, this edition of When You Disappeared includes editorial revisions. He wouldn’t leave the children.

But simon knows the truth—about why he left and what he’s done. He wouldn’t just leave her. He knows things about his marriage that it would kill Catherine to find out. All she wanted was the truth, but she’ll wish she never found out. When catherine wakes up alone one morning, she thinks her husband has gone for a run before work.


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